Welcome to the ZPorts Project Homepage

This project begun looking for a place were we could publish a port of the ScummVM game emulator we had been modifying to make it work better on a c760.

Then, we thought that could be a good idea to have a Sourceforge site to continue this work, and add new ports for our amazing Zaurus SL-c7x0. Yes, there are a lot of ports floating around, and a lot of sites, but we would like to have a centralized place, where anybody could contribute and where all the source code changes could be available to others, using CVS or releasing patches.

Well, only some of these goales were reached. Only a person have contributed some work to the site, and we (only two people) have little time to dedicate to this work. We only have commited some of the modifications to the CVS (the libSDL), and there are still no patches to apply on the official versions. Anyway, this is work in progress that we try to do shortly.

Also note that the focus of ZPorts is on the SL-c7x0 series. The other series already have a lot of available software, that runs parcially on the c7x0.

We also want ZPorts to be an technical information and discussion center for the SL-c7x0 development. For example, I've found a lot of japanese pages talking about the IMAGEON 100 graphic chip. But I haven't found something similar in English.

Unfortunately, none of ZPorts members speaks English as his native language. So, please be indulgent with the mistakes we could do. If you have a deeper knowledge of the english language than us (it's easy), your corrections will be welcomed.