June 23 2004 17:54:19.Scummvm with right button support
Now, you can simulate a right button press on your Zaurus using SHIFT + tapping on the screen. I've tested it in BASS and works, anyway it seems not very sensitive. Please report your feeling about it using the new scummvm version.

June 19 2004 16:47:30.Another scummvm update
The problem with Simon the Sorcerer was very similar to the one with BASS. So, here you have another version with Simon the Sorcerer support (at least the 1st, for the DOS game). Download here.

June 19 2004 15:54:04.Scummvm news
The bug with Beneath a Steel Sky was simple, but a little hard to discover. It seems that the packing made by the gcc cross-compiler for the zaurus is a little weird. Just a problem of a structure oversized 2 bytes by the compiler. Enjoy it

June 19 2004 14:58:07.Ouch!
With the last SDL version, I lost the 5600 preliminary support. So they are detected as a 5000D. This version fixes that mistake.

June 16 2004 19:17:02.libSDL causing trouble in scummvm
The problem with the diagonal 'effect' in the Scummvm 0.6.0 was caused by a pair of assembler routines I wrote for libSDL trying to speed it up on the Zaurus. Well, after taking them out, the strange effect and some redraw issues seemed to go away. So, the asm routines (that didn't helped too much in the speed goal) have been disabled. A new libSDL version (also deleting the c7x0 suffix) is available here.

June 15 2004 18:00:13.More Scummvm fixes
User feedback has helped me to find some new bugs. Today, I'm also uploading a new libSDL with experimental support for the SL-5600, supposing its screen layout is identical to the SL-5500. I also think that I should change the name of the package, erasing the c7x0 suffix. The package should work on any Zaurii. You can find them here and here.

June 09 2004 20:30:05.Scummvm 0.6.0 is now starting (finally)
Well, it was a bad idea not to test the last scummvm package. It didn't even run. The problem was in the configuration, missing the -Dmain=SDL_main define, necessary for the QPEApplication to be inicialized correctly. Another change for the gui resolution and I've uploaded a new package. You can find it at: scummvm_0.6.0-zports_c7x0-1_arm.ipk

May 27 2004 19:21:53.Scummvm 0.6.0 available
Finally, I got a bit of spare time and decided to spend it compiling an updated scummvm zport. I expect that some of the problems that people was experimenting with the last version had gone away. I also have to say that I've not tested it. It compiled out of the box and the package is the same one than the older, so I expect you don't have any problems with it. As ever, your feedback will be welcome. Download at: scummvm_0.6.0-zports_c7x0-0_arm.ipk

May 27 2004 19:17:31.Support for the SL-c860 in libSDL
A little update for the libSDL zport. I've included the string identification for the c860 to avoid libSDL to identify it with it's default value (SL-5000). It was a dirty hack, because the different models are detected separately. With a little time to spend, it would be better to identify the different models with a list of attributes, so the code would be cleaner. You can download it at libSDL_1.2.6-zports_c7x0-2_arm.ipk.

March 21 2004 00:58:26.New Zport!
An anonymous Zaurus user told me that the keyboard mapping for the prboom game (at least using our libSDL zport) was not working fine. I have compiled a new version (2.2.4) of the PrBoom project for your Zaurus. It's working at 320x240 and the Return Key is valid for entering the configuration menus (this was the fault found in the previous version) You can find more information in our Zports section.

March 08 2004 08:54:43.New Zport!
Jason Kuri has just submitted a patch for a better qwikscript experience on our SL C7x0 machines. QwikScript provides a fast and efficient pen-based data input method for the Sharp Zaurus and iPaq Qtopia/Opie handhelds. QwikScript was inspired by "quickwriting", a data entry method advanced by Ken Perlin which allows you to enter full sentences with an uninterrupted flowing motion.

March 07 2004 12:24:24.libSDL Work In Progress.
libSDL is the core library for a lot of games. As you posibly now, the speed of this library is far from good in high resolution modes on the sl-c7x0 series. I'm working in giving it more speed trying to use the hardware capabilities of the ATI IMAGEON 100 graphics chip. If you have some information about this, your help will be very appreciated.

March 07 2004 12:22:11.Homepage totally redesigned.
As you can see, the webpage have been totally redesigned. The aim was make modifications easier. Now, all the zports are stored in a modular file structure, so adding a new zport, news or screenshots is as easy as modifying a single file. In this new stage, we expect to add more ports and improve the existent. Your contributions will be also welcome.