PrBoom is a port of the Doom games engine (by Id Software). It's a mix of different projects with the same goal: implementing the Doom engine.

PrBoom (Doom) is a first person shoot'em up game, very famous in its time and the precursor of the Quake, Duke Nukem,... games.

Since PrDoom is no more than the engine, you will need the game file (wad file) of any Doom version to play (if you don't own any of these games, you can download the wad from the shareware version of doom, just take a look at Google). Put it in the /opt/Qtopia/share/doom directory and enjoy.

You'll need, in order to be able to play, our libSDL and libSDL-mixer zports.

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First Zports version, based on the 2.2.4 official version. You can download it here A version based in the 2.3.0 unstable version is on the way, some problems remains.