Sarien is an open source, portable implementation of the Sierra On-Line Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI). It is currently under development; no production-quality packages have been released. Sarien is able to execute Sierra On-Line AGI games at different levels of playability. Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest II and Mixed-Up Mother Gooose are some of the games that have been played from beginning to end with Sarien.

There is some stuff that still require fixing into it.
Note that Sierra SCI games (vga one +) won't work with this version.
There is a FreeSCI project (for SCI games, of course) , but it's still not able to run games.

When you launch the application you will get into console. Since the console doesn't support caps (perhaps an SDL issue), don't put you game into a path with capitals like /home/Sierra/lsl1 or you won't be able to access it.
To start a game just type (into the console): load /mnt/card/sierra/lsl1 (load + full path to the game)
The game should start (you will most likely get something like "unknown agi version using default one").
Sarien requires our libSDL zport ;-)

I tested 4 games that were noticed to work with the emulator:
Leisure Suit Larry 1 - Works fine. The cancel button gives you a menu so you can speed up the game etc.
Police Quest 1 - Seems to work fine, but the first protection screen (where you unlock the locker) is not looking ok. I think its a sdl bug in our version.
You can use the cancel button for a menu too. The rest was looking ok

Space Quest 1 - I just started the game, the cancel is the pause. You have to press F1 to F10 to make the game work. I still couldn't find how.
I'll probably make a sarien version with F1 to F10 keys remapped to another ones.

King's Quest 1 - Same as Space Quest 1 - F1 to F10 requirement. The cancel key works as pause.

Note: I don't have a list of all AGI games available, but there are some demo packs around the web, I also found some place where they are listed.
Dont try any vga game with sarien, they won't work as the virtual machine is a different one.

Screenshot of Space Quest 1 running on a c700:

Police Quest 1

Initial version: sarien_0.8.0-zports_c7x0-0.ipk